Confidence Boost 101: The Secret to Feeling Fabulous in Lingerie.

Confidence Boost 101: The Secret to Feeling Fabulous in Lingerie.

The Secret to Feeling-Fabulous in Lingerie
The Secret to Feeling Fabulous in Lingerie.

Although we should all love every inch of ourselves because life is too short, we all experience low-confidence days. But did you know that your inner feelings can be affected by the clothes you wear? Here are he Secret to Feeling Fabulous in Lingerie.

Dawn Karen, a fashion psychologist and the author of Dress Your Best Life, thinks that we should all “harness the power of clothes” to improve our lives.

She claims in an interview with The Guardian that “mood-enhancement dressing” is crucial and serves as the foundation of her therapy.

And what’s the most powerful mood booster we have in our closets? sexy lingerie. Our smalls may only be tiny bits of lace and mesh, but even in the brief moment it takes to put them on, they can significantly alter how we feel emotionally.

Not sure where to start but want to experience the magic of sexy lingerie for yourself?

We asked the Pour Moi women to share their best advice on how to look good in sexy underwear.

With their assistance (and some guidance from Pour Moi), you’ll soon be prepared to change into something cosier.

Confidence Means Comfortable

When your skin is being pinched by underwires, your straps have just dislocated for the tenth time today, and you’re fairly certain that a bruise is forming under your bra band, it’s difficult to feel like you’re succeeding in life.

Contrary to popular belief, your underwear should never hurt. You have more important things to worry about than a painful bra.

Go to a boutique and treat yourself to something new since that indicates either low quality or a bad fit.

A bra fitter will be able to recommend items that will be more comfortable for you if you explain your bra problems to them.

Find Your Fit

Find your fit

Your lingerie’s fit has an impact beyond just comfort. Your breasts will be lifted and rounded by a bra if a few seams are placed just right.

If you slightly alter those seams, everything will suddenly be pushed towards the centre. Bra designers are undoubtedly some of the most intelligent people I know!

There is a bra out there for any chest shape that you desire. Your bust size is a variable that you can change. There is also lingerie to change the rest of your figure, from corsets to shaping shorts.

Although we should all appreciate the forms we are in, it never hurts to occasionally get a little assistance.

In addition to emphasising your best features, lingerie can help you improve the areas where you aren’t as confident.

Even the fit of your clothing may be enhanced by it. And when you are proud of the way you look, you will exude confidence.

Be you!

We occasionally are unable to wear the attire of our choosing for a variety of reasons.

We are frequently required to dress a certain way five days out of seven because of workplace dress codes. But underneath it all, almost anything is acceptable!

Even if no one else can see it, lingerie gives you a platform to show off your personality and be who you really are.

You can’t help but smile no matter what you’re wearing if you know your favourite doughnut print booty shorts are hidden underneath.


It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion when shopping for new everyday bras or lingerie for a special occasion.

Finding bras that fit well and feel good can be challenging, especially when shopping alone.

It’s time to seek the assistance of a bra fitter if you’ve ever been unsure of your bra size or simply don’t know where to look for quality bras.

It’s time to switch if you’ve had trouble finding bras in your size. Find a store near you and make an appointment at Leah’s Lingerie.

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